OptoSplit II Application Note

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Introducing our latest image splitter

MultiSplit – Four-way emission image splitter


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FuraLED Light Source

340nm / 380nm ratiometric LED illuminator for Fura-2


Light-sheet solutions

Minimal photodamage or bleaching


Fluorescence Microscopy – DESIGN TO INTEGRATION.

Cairn Research is a European scientific instruments manufacturer based in Kent, UK.


Fluorescence Illumination

With over 30 years of experience in building light sources for the life sciences we offer a range of solutions for fluorescence, transmitted light and OptoGenetics.

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OptoSplit II

Fluorescence Detection

With an emphasis on optical performance, stability, usability, and flexibility Cairn are proud to offer a broad range of multichannel emission and detection products.

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Integrated Imaging Systems

Complimentary to our wide range of in-house microscopy and macroscopy products we also have an experienced team of scientists offering turnkey systems and solutions.

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Custom Microscopy Design

We have a dedicated design and R&D team with an onsite engineering machine workshop and offsite contracted engineers available with over 20 years of experience.

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Gataca Systems iLas

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Nikon Eclipse Ti2

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DaVinci 2K NDR CMOS Camera


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X-Light V2Tp Confocal Imager

X-Light V2Tp Confocal Imager

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Latest News

MMC 2019

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This week finds six (yes, count us!) of us at the MMC (Microscience Microscopy Congress)) meeting in Manchester, where the streets are currently thronged by people staring upwards in confusion and disbelief, trying to work out what that strange bright…


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The title for this blog was originally going to be “The First Thirty Years Were The Worst” until I realised that I’d already used that one in 2015!  In case you doubt my sanity (although that’s a questionable issue in…

Consultation Rates

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Special Introductory Offer on our Consultancy Rates But first of all, if you are an existing or potential Cairn customer, there is no need to worry.  We’ve always been happy to give free and no-obligation advice on any of our…

Living Wage Foundation

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Cairn Research Ltd are delighted to announce that as from the 9th November 2018 we have been accredited as a Living Wage Employer by the Living Wage Foundation.  Cairn Research Ltd meets the standards set by Citizens UK and the Living…