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We are now an Employee-Owned Business

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OptoTIRF V2 Laser Illuminator

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new TIRF illuminator


MultiSplit - Four-way image splitter

Introducing our latest image splitter


Filters For Microscopy

In stock for delivery across Europe


An Employee Owned Business

Fluorescence Microscopy – DESIGN TO INTEGRATION.

Light Sources

With over 30 years of experience in building light sources for the life sciences we offer a range of solutions for fluorescence, transmitted light and OptoGenetics.

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OptoSplit II

Image Splitters

With an emphasis on optical performance, stability, usability, and flexibility Cairn are proud to offer a broad range of multichannel emission and detection products.

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Integrated Imaging Systems

Complimentary to our wide range of in-house microscopy and macroscopy products we also have an experienced team of scientists offering turnkey systems and solutions.

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Custom Microscopy Design

We have a dedicated design and R&D team with an onsite engineering machine workshop and offsite contracted engineers available with over 20 years of experience.

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Photometrics Kinetix

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LDI Laser Diode Illuminator

LDI  Laser Diode Illuminator

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CoollED pE-4000

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X-Light V2Tp Confocal Imager

X-Light V3 Confocal Imager

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FENS2022 – Thanks for visiting

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It was a pleasure to get over to sunny Paris for FENS 2022. Our shiny new automated openFrame microscope had its first outing alongside more established kit. It was also the first official Cairn meeting for the CEO of our…


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ALAS, POOR PLYMOUTH, BUT PARIS CONTINUES! Martin our founder is released into an unsuspecting world after over two years of confinement, and is keen to tell everyone all about his and Andrew Hill’s LED exploits! FREE AGAIN! Yes, slowly but…

BPS 2022 Objective Thinking by Jeremy Graham

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Objective Thinking – BPS2022 Today’s off-the-shelf microscopes are technological wonders, capable of imaging in many different modalities across a wide range of objective lenses. But what if your need is more defined? This presentation will introduce you to the openFrame:…


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While we generally confine our web postings to technical or commercial issues, the sudden loss of David Ogden is something that we simply cannot ignore.  Others will be able to give a much fuller account of his scientific contributions, but…