At Cairn we are proud to support and promote scientific conferences and exhibitions all around the world. These meetings are an opportunity for us to introduce new products, talk to existing clients about their applications and to meet new researchers too. 

In the USA we are represented by our good friends and partners Chroma Technology and 89North. Cairn personnel are always in attendance on their booths

Cairn Research scientific instruments - Exhibitions

Paris Spring School

May 11th - 24th, Paris

A 14-day residential course of lectures, demonstrations and practical work; a lectures-only option will be available online

There are numerous demonstrations of advanced techniques, including: confocal microscopy, high-speed two-photon imaging, in vivo imaging, in vivo patch-clamp recording, TIRF imaging, super-resolution imaging, extracellular recording in vivo, viral transfection methods, wavefront engineering.

Postgraduate Showcase

23rd May, Manchester

NCRG 2022

24th May, Bradford

The NCRG is an annual meeting that has been convening since 1991 and typically attracts more than 100 delegates from all over the UK. Since its inception, the NCRG now includes researchers
from Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Glasgow, Bristol, Cardiff and Oxford as well as from institutions further afield such as in Belgium.  The meeting brings together clinicians and scientists who share a common interest in cardiovascular physiology and pathology
with the aim of fostering collaborations and stimulating new ideas for research.  The work presented covers a diverse range of themes, but the intention of the meeting has always been to provide an opportunity to present exciting new research and research
in progress.’

EWGCCE meeting 2022 - 4th-6th June 2022

4th-6th June, Toledo

The annual meeting of the ESC Working Group on Cardiac Cellular Electrophysiology

The EWGCCE meeting gathers young researchers and high-level international experts in cardiac cells and provides an overview of topical issues in signalling, ion channels, arrhythmias, models and techniques at experimental and clinical level.

FENS Forum 2022

9th-13th July, Paris

FENS promotes neuroscience research to policy-makers, funding bodies and the general public, both regionally and internationally. Hence, FENS promotes excellence in neuroscience research and facilitates exchanges and networking between neuroscientists within the European Research Area and beyond.

Cambridge Neuroscience Seminar

29th September, Cambridge

Cambridge Neuroscience Seminar 2022 – New Horizons
Cambridge Neuroscience is delighted to announce the 32nd Cambridge Neuroscience Seminar, ‘New Horizons’, which will be held on September 29th 2022, at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.

Cairn Research scientific instruments - Exhibitions


19th-23rd February 2022

We can be found with our American partners, Chroma, at booth 619.  We will be exhibiting our new OpenFrame microscope with TwinLED and our new Aura Pro

Hope to see you there

ABRF 2022 Annual Meeting

27th-30th March, California

Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities

The ABRF 2022 Annual Meeting will take place in the Palm Springs Convention Center in Palm Springs from March 27-30, 2022. The Palm Springs Convention Center is located in downtown Palm Springs, California.


29th March - 12th April, CSH NY

This course will focus on advanced quantitative fluorescence microscopy techniques used for imaging a range of biological specimens, from tissues to cells to single molecules. The course is designed for quantitative cell and molecular biologists, biophysicists and bioengineers.


27th Apr - 6th May, Chicago

Analytical & Quantitative Light Microscopy

A comprehensive and intensive course in light microscopy for researchers in biology, medicine, and material sciences. This course provides a systematic and in-depth examination of the theory of image formation and application of video and digital methods for exploring subtle interactions between light and the specimen. This course emphasizes the quantitative issues that are critical to the proper interpretation of images obtained with modern wide-field and confocal microscopes. This course is limited to 32 students.

Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy 2022

20th - 27th May

An international course in fluorescence microscopy and imaging for advanced graduate students, postdoctoral trainees, imaging core managers and researchers at all levels who are incorporating the technology into their laboratories.


24th - 28th July, Chicago

Neuroscience 2022

12th - 16th November, San Diego

The American Society for Cell Biology

3rd - 7th December, Washington DC