Employment Opportunities at Cairn

Our steady growth means that employment opportunities do arise here from time to time. Although we may advertise these, in general our preferred method is to find suitable people – or for them to find us – and to create suitable positions for them as and when we can. So, if you are interested in joining us at any time in the future, please feel free to get in touch for a general chat in the first instance, and we can take it from there. Please note though that we DON’T use recruitment agencies, so if you think that Cairn might be for you, you’ll only find out if you approach us direct!

Our farm location provides a pleasant and friendly working environment in the Kent countryside (pronounce with care!), but with good (at least by British standards, that is) road and rail links to the rest of the country. London is just over an hour away by train, but property in this area is still relatively affordable compared with much of the south east, so most of us don’t have to spend too much time commuting. This means a less stressed workforce for everyone, and more leisure time for you, so we can provide a much better quality of life if that sort of thing is important to you – and we certainly hope that it is!

Meet The Team

Staff Male

Dr Martin Thomas

Founder and President

Staff Template

Jeremy Graham

Managing Director

Staff Male

Dr Martyn Reynolds

Head of Advanced Imaging

Staff Male

Andrew Hill

Technical Director


Linda Hall

Sales & Support Manager

Staff Female

Wendy Jones

Accounts Manager

Staff Male

Edward Finucane

Operations Manager


James Kerin

Marketing Director

Staff Female

Rosanna Davies

Sales & Support


Danielle Love

Sales & Support


Mark Henson

Design Engineer

Staff Male

Neil Sims

Production Manager

Staff Male

Dr Steve Tovey

Imaging Applications Specialist (based in Cambridge)

Staff Male

Dr Joao Correia

Sales & Support (based in Birmingham)


Tom Parrado

Design Engineer

Ellie-May PearceEllie-May Pearce

Digital Marketing Executive

Staff Female

Jane Austen

Office Manager

Dominique Rogers

Quality/ISO Manager & Production Technician

Production Assistant


Callum Hollick

Mechanical Engineer

Andy Allan

Imaging Support Specialist


Alan Brown

Production Assistant


Ian Betts

Production Assistant

Gareth Rogers

Imaging Support Specialist