Cairn Research registered as a WEEE producer

Cairn Research Ltd is registered as a WEEE producer with the Environment Agency for the 2019 compliance year.  Please find below our producer registration number as provided by the Environment Agency.

WEEE Producer Registration Number – WEE/MM2472A

Comply Direct Membership Number –  CD01/01044

Cairn Research Ltd is based on a 70 acre active farm in the heart of the Kent Countryside. We have a responsibility to the farm but also to the wider community and to our customer base around the globe.

We recognise the importance of sustainable development for future generations and that its decisions and actions affect society and the economy, as well as the environment and natural resources at local, national and global levels. As a result Cairn Research Ltd is committed to:

  • Maintaining compliance with all relevant UK legislative and regulatory requirements and we have a strong environmental policy
  • Reviewing all our activities and operations in order to identify, understand and evaluate all the direct and indirect environmental aspects and impacts, and prioritise action to address them.
  • Ensuring continuous improvement by establishing procedures and associated sustainability performance targets that are reviewed annually.
  • Ensuring that sustainable development is fully understood by staff and is enshrined within all aspects of planning and activities.
Sustainable and Recycling

Cairn recyclable shipping boxes

In order to implement this policy, Cairn Research Ltd has undertaken a baseline review and has determined a set of key sustainability impacts and associated objectives:

  • Energy and carbon: to reduce energy use and to continue to explore the possibilities of less carbon intensive energy sources either through the purchase of renewable energy or through an increased use of onsite renewables. Cairn has recently installed a wide selection of solar panels.
  • Waste and natural resources: to prevent pollution by reducing emissions and discharges and to promote the zero waste principle (rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle) in order to minimise the environmental impact of waste disposal and use of natural resources.
  • Encourage employees to consider their travel management plans. Minimise the need to travel and enable alternative means of communication, e.g. video conferencing.  Cairn are also pleased to announce a policy of employing sales and support staff who live local to areas of high business.
  • to implement the sustainable procurement policy that integrates environmental and social issues with economic issues and that supports the use of products and services from contractors and suppliers who are in accordance with our Sustainability Policy.
  • Construction and refurbishment: to incorporate the principles of sustainable development into our new R&D barn and refurbishment projects.
  • Community involvement: Build partnerships and take part in networks to share experience and knowledge of sustainability within our local community.
  • Training, awareness and communication: Increase the awareness and understanding of sustainable development amongst staff through learning opportunities and training.

Sustainable and Recycling