All drivers relating to Micro-Manager are compiled for a specific version of Micro-Manager which can be found below.
Please note, you will need to download the correct version for your operating system:

Micro-Manager V2 – MC3103

Micro-Manager V2 - NI6001

Micro-Manager V2 – NI6008

Micro-Manager V2 - NI6341

Micro-Manager V2 - NI6501

Micro-Manager V2 - OptoSpin

Micro-Manager V2 - OptoScan

Micro-Manager Plugin Cairn Image Analysis

Micro-Manager – 1.4.14

OptoScan 32bit test program USB v1.26

OptoScan USB Drivers 2017

OptoScan 64bit test program

OptoSpin Serial Drivers 2017

OptoSpin Desktop App

MonoLED USB Drivers

OptoSplit Imagej Plugin

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