We have been extremely excited to see the long-standing (perceived) half-wavelength resolution limit of light microscopy comprehensively consigned to history by the work of Betzig, Hell, Moerner and many others (read more here).

With our interest in dynamic imaging we are delighted to offer realtime solutions for both STORM and SIM techniques

Our STORM solution is based around the work of Jean Baptiste Sibarita’s group in Bordeaux Kechklar et al, and uses fast GPU processing to construct 2D and 3D STORM images with up to 20nm resolution in realtime. For SIM we offer the new VCS attachment to the Crest Optics V2 spinning disk to give up to 115nm resolution at 5 frames/sec.

Both systems would typically be configured around a Nikon or Olympus inverted (or upright) microscope frame with Cairn filter wheels and image splitters, Chroma filters, ASI stage, OkoLab chamber and EM or sCMOS cameras from Andor, Hamamatsu, or Photometrics. For STORM illumination we would use our LaserBank with the galvo scanning TIRF / oblique / widefield ILAS2 illuminator from Roper France, whereas the SIM system uses our multimode LaserBank connection directly into the Crest spinning disk unit.

  • High speed, 5 frames/sec
  • Large field of view with high uniformity
  • Precise multiwavelength control
  • Same system offers spinning disk confocal and automated widefield bypass
  • Fully automated