High Speed Widefield Fluorescence Imaging

Improved objective lens, light source, camera and optical filter technology have made high-speed and extended timelapse live cell fluorescence imaging both affordable and accessible to more research groups.  Measurement of membrane potential using voltage sensitive dyes still requires specialist knowledge and equipment (which we are happy to provide), but calcium imaging and fast morphological studies at multiple wavelengths can be achieved with relatively inexpensive hardware and software, and with straightforward experimental protocols.  At the other extreme of the temporal range, hardware autofocus, LED feedback illumination, and full environmental chambers makes it possible to conduct experiments over several days.

We can help configure systems on new or existing inverted and upright microscopes, advising on all components and providing as many or as few as you need.  Systems can be built up over time and functionality improved in line with your scientific requirements and budget.  Please talk to us, we are happy to advise, and if we can’t help then we will direct you to someone who can.

Being an independent company we work with all the four major microscope companies and with cameras, stages, chambers, software etc. from most leading manufacturers.

Configuring systems usually starts with making the right choice of objective lens(es) with the optimal combination of Numerical Aperture and working distance.  We would then discuss the required spatial and temporal resolution and any special requirements such as 3D deconvolution, combined electrophysiology or OptoGenetics.


  • Cardio and neuro sciences
  • Calcium imaging
  • Developmental biology
  • Yeast and bacteria studies
  • Cancer research
  • Plant biology
  • Single molecule imaging


  • Choice of double and single hole patterns for different magnification / camera sensor size
  • Fast automated switching between confocal and widefield acquisition modes
  • CCD/sCMOS Field of View:
  • 12mm x 12mm FOV in double pattern configuration (each pattern)
  • Up to 22mm FOV in single pattern configuration
  • Pattern Configuration:
  • CrestOptics Proprietary Disk Pattern Design for high confocal resolution, improved Out of Focus rejection and higher S/N
  • confocal resolution with 60x NA 1.4 oil immersion Objective:<800nm
  • 40 – 70 micron pinholes / spirals
  • 30mm diameter achromatic custom relay lenses for precise multicolour imaging
  • Fast spinning disk, up to 15.000 RPM disk rotation speed
  • Excitation Gimbal mount for easy alignment on standard and custom microscopes
  • Manual excitation filter wheel for clean up
  • Motorised five position dichroic five wheel
  • Motorised eight position emission filter wheel
  • Plug in (interchangeable) disk heads
  • Adapter for multimode laser or LED SMA-905 fibre excitation



Fluorescence Illumination