Integrated Imaging Systems

Real Time Super-Resolution Imaging

With our interest in dynamic imaging we are delighted to offer realtime solutions for both STORM and SIM techniques using the industry-standard MetaMorph software platform.

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Fast Scanning Multi-Depth TIRF

The objective based TIRF system illuminated with the versatile iLas2 laser allows quick switching from widefield, TIRF, and oblique illumination.

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Spinning Disk Confocal

The V3 X-Light Spinning Disk from Crest Optics is a powerful, affordable and flexible system.

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On-line Image Deconvolution

The Microvolution software offers real-time deconvolution of images from widefield, confocal, two-photon, light sheet and HCA microscope systems.

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High Speed Widefield Fluorescence Imaging

Improved objective lens, light source, camera and optical filter technology have made high-speed and extended timelapse live cell fluorescence imaging both affordable and accessible

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Macroscopic Imaging

In addition to providing turnkey fluorescence microscope systems we are often asked to configure macroscopic imaging and Optical Mapping assemblies

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Bioluminescence Imaging

In some instances it is useful to monitor long-term fluorescence or luminescence signals over cell populations with very precise environmental control

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Complimentary to our wide range of in-house microscopy and macroscopy products we also have an experienced team of scientists offering turnkey systems and solutions. All of the team are actively involved in either product development, or their own biological research (or both!), which we hope keeps us close to both the technology and to interesting biology. A typical system will comprise of Cairn and other third-party equipment integrated onto a research microscope frame, complete with camera, PC and software. Our strength lies in our independence, flexibility and our understanding of how best to make use of today’s technology to answer your research questions.

We always take a long-term view and will work with your group to best configure and support the equipment to suit your changing experimental needs. To this end the systems are highly modular and can be expanded on or reconfigured with minimal redundancy. These pages cover some typical applications and configurations, but if you can’t find exactly what you need then please don’t hesitate to contact us at /, or refer to our Custom Design pages for more unusual requests!