Chroma Filters and Beamsplitters

Product Description

Chroma filters and mirrors available in the UK on next day delivery.  Improved stock and delivery systems in Europe.

We are pleased to inform our UK and European customers that we are holding significant stock levels of Chroma filters and mirrors here in the UK. Delivery times will thus be reduced to 2-3 days across Europe with a premium next day service available within mainland UK (orders need to be placed and paid for before midday). for further information

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AT series
39000 – AT – DAPI/Hoechst/AlexaFluor 350
39002 – AT – EGFP/FITC/Cy2/AlexaFluor 488
39004 – AT – TRITC/Cy3/TagRFP/AlexaFluor 546

Widefield sets (no exciters):
NOX79001 – Fura-2
NOX79003 – Fura-2 / Rhodamine

Optosplit emission sets:
49501 (CFP/YFP)
49502 (GFP/mCherry)
49503 (FITC/TRITC)
49504 (Cy3/Cy5)

Lasers sets (no exciters):
NOX59902 ET – 442/514
NOX59904 ET – 488/561
NOX59907 ET – 532/640
NOX69901 ET – 405/488/561
NOX69905 ET – 445/514/594
NOX89901 ET- 405/488/561/640

In sizes for all current microscope cubes (26x38x1mm for Olympus IX/BX or 25.5x36x1mm for Nikon, Leica and Zeiss)

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