Photometrics Iris 15

• 73% Quantum Efficiency
• 4.25µm x 4.25µm Pixel Area
• 1.5e- Read Noise

Product Description

Large Field of View CMOS Camera

The Iris 15 Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) camera offers large field of view for maximizing the number of cells captured in a single frame, making it possible to image larger areas than ever before in low light conditions. The Iris 15 delivers frame rates in excess of 30 frames per second and use state-of-the-art, high quantum efficiency CMOS sensors that support multi-colour fluorescence, high content screening and tiling applications.


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Additional information


• PCIe Digital Interface
• F-Mount Lens Interface
• 1/4 20" mounting point on each side

Key Camera Features

• 73% Quantum Efficiency
• 4.25µm x 4.25µm Pixel Area
• 5056 x 2960 array – 15 Megapixel
• 1.5e- Read Noise
• 13,000e- Pixel Full Well
• 30fps
• 15 Megapixel Sensor
• 25mm Field of View
• 12.49mm x 12.61mm – 24.9mm diagonal Sensor Area
• 16-bit Bit Depth
• 2×2 (on FPGA) Binning

Primary Applications

• Light Sheet Microscopy
• Multi-Color Fluorescence
• Tiling Applications
• Microarray Instrument
• High Content and High Throughput Cell Screening
• Genomic Analysis/ Sequencing
• Biochip and Microfluidics Measurements
• Tissue and Cellular Imaging
• Clinical Diagnostic