LED Light Sources

  • Aura Phase Contrast Illuminator

    • Electrophysiology
    • Ultra-long working distance
    • White light, colour or NIR illumination

  • OptoFlash

    • Optogenetics
    • Flash photolysis

  • OptoLED Lite

    • Fluorescence microscopy
    • Brightfield and phase Contrast
    • Diferential Interference Contrast

  • OptoLED Light Source

    • High intensity
    • Near perfect stability
    • Instantaneous vibration-free switching

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  • X-Light V2Tp Confocal Imager

    •Full compatibility with all Microscopes
    •Up to 22mm diagonal Field of View
    •15.000 RPM disk rotation speed

  • OptoTIRF laser illuminator

    • Motorised movement of illumination spoot
    • Joystick or software control
    • Motorised widefield bypass mode

  • L-SPI Single Plane Illuminator

    • Live-cell imaging with ultra-low phototoxicity
    • Spatial and temporal fractionation of illumination
    • Orthogonal lightsheets reduce shadowing

  • ILAS2 targeted laser illumination

    The ILAS2 is a unique optical system for real-time control of laser illumination.

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Arc Light Sources

  • PhotoFluor LM-75

    •Mounts directly to microscope
    •High UV output and no flickering
    •Routine fluorescence, FISH, and clinical applications

  • OptoSource illuminator

    • Designed to work with Optoscan
    • Solar emulator
    • Fluorescence microscopy

  • OptoScan Monochromator

    • High throughput F/2 corrected optics
    • Integral fast electronic shutter on all models
    • New couplings using large silica-silica single core fibres

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