Microscope Light Sources

  • OptoLED Light Source

    • High intensity
    • Near perfect stability
    • Instantaneous vibration-free switching

  • TwinLED Light Source

    • Preconfigured & compact
    • Dual LED source
    • Different combinations available

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  • Tilt – High-Resolution Light Sheet Imaging

    • Designed to work with high and low NA objectives
    • Adapts to most inverted microscopes
    • Minimal-to-no photodamage or bleaching

  • L-SPI Large Selective Plane Illuminator

    • Live-cell imaging with ultra-low phototoxicity
    • Spatial and temporal fractionation of illumination
    • Orthogonal lightsheets reduce shadowing

  • LifeCanvas SHIELD

    • Superior tissue preservation
    • Protects tissue for multi-round processing
    • Easy, fast & reliable

  • LifeCanvas SmartClear II Pro

    • Multi-purpose tissue clearing system
    • Cost-effective clearing of bulk quantity
    • Easy, fast & reliable

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  • iLas2 targeted laser illumination

    The iLas2 is a unique optical system for real-time control of laser illumination.

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  • OptoTIRF V2 Laser Illuminator

    • Motorised movement of illumination spot and widefield bypass
    • Joystick or software control
    • Single or multimode fibre

  • iLas2 targeted laser illumination

    The iLas2 is a unique optical system for real-time control of laser illumination.

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Confocal Microscopy

  • Live-SR

    • Maximum resolution up to 105nm*
    • Acquisition speed up to 1000 fps
    • Live / Focus mode for real time

  • X-Light NIR Confocal Imager

    •700nm – 1600nm wavelength range
    •Single and double pattern disk options
    •15.000 RPM disk rotation speed

  • X-Light V3

    • Spinning disk confocal
    • Ultra large FOV – 25 mm
    • Dual cameras

  • X-Light V2Tp Confocal Imager

    •Spinning disk confocal
    •Up to 22mm diagonal Field of View
    •15.000 RPM disk rotation speed

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Microscope Couplings

  • Infinity Cube

    • infinity space cube holder
    • adjustable mirror mount
    • interlock safety switch

  • Dual Infinity Slider

    • Accommodates two Olympus U-MF2 filter cubes
    • Integrated bypass position
    • Tip/tilt cube adjustment

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With over thirty years of practical experience in building light sources for the life sciences we now offer a wide range of solutions for fluorescence illumination, transmitted light, OptoGenetics and other microscopy and macroscopy applications. Most of our solutions are based on Cairn MultiPort microscope adapters which allow independent optimisation of up to four independent fluorescence illumination sources in real time.

For complete flexibility we offer solutions based on LEDs, phosphors, arc lamps, and single and multimode lasers. These can be provided standalone, or integrated into turnkey solutions for widefield epifluorescence, TIRF, spinning disk confocal, light sheet, FRAP, Photolysis and OptoGenetics.