High Speed Cameras

For capture rates in excess of 100 frames per second a specialist high speed camera is needed. These cameras can achieve data rates of up to 10,000 frames per second; by trading off spatial resolution for speed, parallel readout and advanced data buffering.

  • DaVinci 2K NDR CMOS Camera

    •Sensor array 2048 x 2048
    •65% Quantum efficiancy without microlenses
    •10,000 frames in 4 seconds

  • RedShirt/SciMeasure NeuroCCD

    • Cooled for low dark noise
    • No fan; avoids vibrations
    • Large well size: 215,000 e-

  • RedShirt/SciMeasure FastCMOS 128x

    • Extremely high frame rate
    • Extremely low read noise
    • No microlenses

  • IonOptix Myocam-S

    • Multiple cameras can be exactly synchronized
    • Single Cable to camera controller

  • RedShirt/SciMeasure Neuro/Cardio CMOS-SM128f

    • 128 x 128 pixels
    • Full-frame rate: 10,000 fps
    • Fill factor: 70%

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