X-Light NIR Confocal Imager

•700nm – 1600nm wavelength range
•Single and double pattern disk options
•15.000 RPM disk rotation speed

Product Description

700 nm – 1600 nm

The X-Light NIR Confocal Imager offers:

  • Unique spinning disk confocal microscope working in the range 700nm – 1600nm
  • New optical system design: diffraction limited over 18mm field of view in the imaging range 900nm – 1600nm
  • Highly optimized AR coatings in the imaging range 800nm – 1600nm

Still with unmatched price/performance ratio.

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Additional information

Technical Specifications

• Wavelength range:
• Excitation: 700 – 1000 nm
• Emission: 800 – 1600 nm
• Double or Single Hole Pattern Spinning Disk on same physical disk
• Acquisition Modes: WideField (with fast disk out motorized function), Confocal (single or double pattern)
• 10mm x 10mm (14mm diagonal) maximum Field of View in double pattern configuration
• 18mm diagonal maximum Field of View in single pattern configuration
• Near Infrared Laser source > 650 nm
• Illuminator Adapter for SMA fiber excitation
• 30% lateral resolution improvement
• Fast spinning disk 15.000 RPM disk rotation speed
• Excitation Gimbal mount for easy alignment on custom microscope setup and for best S/N
• Motorized Dichroic 5 positions Filter Wheel
• Laser clean-up filter manual 3 positions
• Motorized Emission 8 positions Filter Wheel
• Extraction tools for easy insertion and removal of both dichroic filter and emission filter
Detector focal plane easy focusing without moving the detector