Photometrics Prime 95B

• 95% Quantum Efficiency
• 18.7mm Field of View (1200 x 1200)
• 1.3e- Read Noise (Median)

Product Description

The Photometrics Prime 95B sCMOS Camera allows you to overcome many difficult imaging challenges by converting nearly every available photon to useful signal through an incredible 95% Quantum Efficiency – by using the first available scientific CMOS sensor with back-side illumination. The result is the most sensitive CMOS camera available for scientific imaging. The Prime 95B gives you more signal and better experimental results with these exceptional features:

95% Quantum Efficiency
11µm x 11µm Pixel Area
1.3e- Read Noise
41fps @ 16-bit / 82fps @ 12-bit

The study of live cell dynamics is often compromised by the poor throughput of optical systems. Spinning disk confocal microscopy is an example where limited optical throughput compromises frame rates as exposure times must be increased to compensate. Higher excitation intensity can be used but at a cost of accelerating phototoxicity and photobleaching.

95% QE Backside Illuminated sCMOS, when discovery depends on every photon

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