Photometrics Prime 95B 25mm

• 95% Quantum Efficiency
• 25mm Field of View (1608 x 1608)
• 1.6e- Read Noise (median)

Product Description

The Photometrics Prime 95B 25mm sCMOS Camera delivers an extremely large imaging area and combines this with the near-perfect sensitivity of a Backside Illuminated (BSI) Scientific CMOS sensor. The Prime 95B 25mm sensor converts up to 95% of incident photons into measurable signal, and provides an unmatched 25mm field of view. The Prime 95B 25mm is optimally positioned to maximize detection and imaging throughput when mounted on the Nikon ECLIPSE Ti2 microscope.

The extreme sensitivity not only allows fainter signals to be detected, it provides the flexibility to increase frame rates, or turn down the excitation intensity to reduce cellular photo-damage. The Prime 95B 25mm improves the field of view and maintains the high frame rates and extremely low read noise that has made sCMOS so popular for live-cell imaging.

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Additional information


• High Quantum Efficiency 95% Peak QE
• Large 25mm Field of View
• Large 11µm Pixel Size
• Extremely Low Read Noise
• Fast Frame Rates
• Enhanced Dynamic Range
• Multiple Expose Out Triggering
• SMART Streaming
• 30fps @ 16-bit


• Sensor – GPixel GSense 400 BSI CMOS Gen IV, Grade 1 in imaging area
• Active Array Size – 1608 x 1608 pixels (2.58 Megapixel)
• Pixel Area – 11μm x 11μm (121μm2)
• Sensor Area – 17.69mm x 17.69mm, 25mm diagonal
• Peak QE% – >95%
• Read Noise – 1.6e- (Median) 1.8e- (RMS)
• Full-Well Capacity – 80,000e
• Dynamic Range – 50,000:1
• Bit Depth – 16-bit
• Readout Mode – Rolling Shutter Effective Global Shutter
• Binning – 2×2 (on FPGA)
• Digital Interface – PCIe
• Lens Interface – F-Mount
• Mounting Points – 2 x ¼ 20” mounting points per side to prevent rotation
• Liquid Cooling – Quick Disconnect Ports