Photometrics Evolve Delta

• 62.5 Frames per Second
• Quantitative Performance
• 20MHz 512×512 EMCCD

Product Description

Discover a new way to evolve your science with the fastest and most productive EMCCD camera available in the world. The Photometrics Evolve Delta EMCCD Camera empowers you with the potential to obtain research results in about half the time of previous 512 EMCCD cameras.

Designed specifically for demanding Super-Resolution applications, this camera delivers an unprecedented new level of speed and sensitivity. The Evolve 512 Delta also provides superior quantitative and detection performance, with accurate and precise triggering capability.

Extreme sensitivity to detect single photon signals.
Electron Multiplication to minimize read noise <1 electron.
Large pixels to maximize signal collection ability.

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Additional information


• 20MHz 512×512 EMCCD
• 62.5 Frames per Second
• 72e- Read Noise
• <1e- Using EM Gain
• > 90% Quantum Efficiency
• Quantitative Performance
• Introducing a full two-year warranty