PhotoFluor LM-75

•Mounts directly to microscope
•High UV output and no flickering
•Routine fluorescence, FISH, and clinical applications

Product Description

The PhotoFluor LM-75 is the only, direct-mount metal halide light source for fluorescence microscopy. With no liquid light guide and a built-in DC-ballast, the LM-75 delivers the highest possible intensity at the sample and extremely stable output. Together with pre-aligned, user-exchangeable lamp and ultra-quiet operation, the PhotoFluor LM-75 is an ideal replacement for a traditional mercury lamp.


•Dimensions – 6.7″ x 7.1″ x 7.5″
•Weight – 3.8 lbs – 5.2 lbs depending on configuration
•Lamp lifetime – 1500 hrs guaranteed 2000 hrs typical
•Warm up and cool down time – 3 minutes
•Output stability – 1% RMS

LM 75 Stability 1min10khz Chart
•Output range – 340 nm – 800 nm

LM 75 Output Spectrum

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Additional information


•Feature – Benefit
•Direct-mountable design – Eliminates need for a liquid light guide
•User-exchangeable lamp – Requires no user alignment
•Quiet operation – Ideal for use in cramped rooms
•No external controller – Saves bench space
•High output intensity – Reduced exposure times
•DC-ballast – Extremely stable output
•Long lamp life – Reduced down time


•Fluorescence microscopy
•FISH Imaging
•Routine fluorescence imaging
•Tissue culture imaging
•Wafer inspections via reflected light port