LifeCanvas EasyGel

• Tissue gel hybridization system
• Consistency
• All in one

Product Description

Tired of tissue gelling hiccups?

Reliable, Easy, Affordable

Versatile: Safeguards endogenous fluorescence, protein antigenicity, nucleic acids, and overall tissue architecture. Synergizes with a range of existing tissue processing approaches including SWITCH (Cell, 2015) and MAP (NBT, 2016). Other preservation techniques, such as PFA preservation alone, can lead to information loss due to physical or chemical stressors experienced during processing steps.

It will provide the consistency you need for tissue-gel hybridization.


– Consistent and complete vacuuming or N2 purging is ensured with vacuum valves that are connected to each sample tube.


– All-in-one system makes designing your experiment easy with independent and integrated temperature control and shaking speed adjustments.


– You don’t need to worry about expensive nitrogen gas tanks and high-power pumps. All you need is a house vacuum for the device.


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