Andor Zyla 4.2 plus sCMOS

• Active Pixels 2048 x 2048
• Sensor Size 13.3 x 13.3 mm
• Pixel size 6.5 μm

Product Description

The Andor Zyla 4.2 Plus sCMOS Camera is the latest sCMOS technology advancement from Andor. At its heart, Zyla 4.2 PLUS benefits from latest generation sCMOS sensor technology, delivering a further 10 % boost in QE, resulting in an unprecedented 82% QEmax. The broad QE profile provides excellent coverage of the visible/NIR wavelength range, highly optimized to a wide range of common fluorophores. Further innovation has also introduced industry-fastest USB 3.0 frame rates and industry-leading response linearity of 99.8%, for unparalleled quantitative accuracy of measurement across the full dynamic range. Zyla 4.2 PLUS is ideal for applications such as Super-Resolution Microscopy, Ion Signalling Microscopy, LightSheet Microscopy, Line Scanning Confocal Microscopy and TIRF Microscopy.

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Additional information


• Active Pixels 2560 x 2160
• Sensor Size 16.6mm x 14.0mm
• Pixel Readabout rate: 560 (280MHz x 2 sensor halves), 200 (100MHz x 2 sensor halves)
• Min. Temperature air cooled -30°C
• Min. Temperature coolant -40°C
• Data Range 12 bit and 16 bit
• Peak QE 60%
• Readout modes Rolling Shutter and Global (snapshot) Shutter
• Internal memory buffer size 4GB
• Pixel well depth (e-) 30,000