We are more than happy to display any current job openings in the research fields of fluorescence microscopy or associated areas. Please email us if you would like us to add an available position.

PDRA in Microscopy of Mitochondrial - Cambridge (closing 8/8/19)

Applications are invited for a Research Associate joint between the labs of Nick Jones at Imperial College London and Patrick Chinnery at the MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit. Experiments will principally be undertaken in the Cambridge Mitochondrial Biology Unit. Cells control their mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) yet the process of this control has been poorly characterized. Through a combination of microscopy, image analysis and some flow-cytometry...

Postdoctoral Position: Cell-Biomaterial Interactions - Poland (closing 26/9/19)

Skin diseases are one of the most common human illnesses that cause a huge burden in the global context of health. Atopic dermatitis is a chronic eczematous skin disease that usually begins in childhood and often is combined with allergy problems. The current treatment is not able to support long-term curing effects, therefore the exploration and development of new strategies for skin regeneration are needed. The aim of this FIRST TEAM project funded by Foundation for Polish Science is to understand and control liquids release from nanofiber patches for atopic or allergic skin. With newly designed patches, we want to provide the best way to control the release of curing substances from nanofibers. The project includes the production of patches using electrospinning technique to produce polymer nanofibers and study their surface properties and liquids release from various designs.

Postdoc Position - Los Angeles, California (open until filled)

A postdoctoral research position is available at the University of California, Los Angeles Department of Neurosurgery in the laboratory of Dr. Daniel C. Lu. Dr. Lu’s lab studies neural networks within the spinal cord and leverages this insight to develop interventions that recover motor function after spinal cord injury. Qualified candidates will have a strong background in the following areas: neurophysiology, molecular biology, genetic techniques, and mouse and rat surgery; or functional kinematic testing and data analysis; or a combination thereof. Expertise in electrophysiology of cultured central nervous system tissue is sought but not mandatory.

Microscopist/Imaging Specialists/Developer - Portugal (closing 28/7/19)

PhD position to carry out scientific research activities, on an exclusive dedication basis, in the area of Biological Sciences at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC). Oeiras, Portugal,

Research Associate in super-resolution microscopy - Edinburgh - 23/8/19

Applicants are invited for a post-doctoral RA position that will examine the Type VI secretion system (T6SS) found in many Gram-negative bacteria

Image Analyst - Grade 7 (Maternity Cover) Liverpool (closing 3/8/19)

As part of the CCI team, liaising with the facility manager and the senior technician, the image analyst will advise on experimental design and image acquisition as well as provide image data management, processing and image analysis solutions. The image analyst will also coordinate the IT needs of the facility and will be delivering training courses. The CCI being a core facility the successful candidate will be customer service oriented with a willingness to help others. Given the highly interdisciplinary and collaborative environment, the candidate will need to demonstrate the ability to take responsibility and initiative, and to interact effectively with users/collaborators from a range of backgrounds. With expertise in image processing and programming (e.g. Matlab, ImageJ, etc.), the Image Analyst will be responsible for all aspects of CCI software management (including procurement and commissioning), data storage issues and maintenance and development of the CCI's website. Responsibility will also extend to maintaining the CCI's network. The Image Analyst will be involved in outreach activities for the CCI and will be involved in the organization of the annual imaging workshop as well as the provision of bespoke training sessions on image analysis (both group and individual training). You should have a PhD in Biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Optical Engineering or related field, or equivalent in education and experience required. The post is Fixed Term for up to 12 months to cover a period of Maternity Leave.

PhD Position - Brighton (closing 31st August 2019)

The main objective of this proposal is to discover the function of newly discovered receptor in the mature and developing auditory system in health and disease, using mouse models. This project is extremely important and timely, as it will elucidate the function of a novel calcium signalling pathway within the auditory inner ear, where calcium signalling already has an unprecedented role in normal hearing. Most importantly, it will provide novel treatment possibilities for the majority of hearing disorders, which are associated with altered Ca2+ homeostasis. By combining shared resources that different groups can offer, the graduate student will have ample opportunities to learn various experimental techniques, as well as to learn from and network with other investigators within UK and Internationally.

Leica Account Manager - Bethesda, Maryland (open until filled)

This position is critical in managing accounts through direct and/or dealer relationships for our widefield and confocal business for the coveted National Institutes of Health account. The Account Manager must build and maintain customer relationships while driving sales growth; must identify and drive sales opportunities through all LMS applications (excluding Medical). This role is responsible for complete product portfolio management.