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At Cairn we have a dedicated design and R&D team using industry standard mechanical, electronic and optical  CAD software and complimented by our own machine workshop with the latest CNC and 3D printing equipment. Our multidisciplanary team of scientists and engineers are dedicated to product design and development in the fluorescence microscopy field. .

What can we design for you?

The majority of our projects and products are customer led and we will work with you to develop equipment to help answer your scientific questions. We pride ourselves in offering solutions rather than simply making equipment to order.  As most of our standard products are custom and we have been building bespoke microscopes for many years we will often have the necessary building blocks and expertise to build custom equipment in a timely and cost effective way.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a quote on custom microscopy design.

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The following designs, due to high demand have now become regular products

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Our Latest Custom Microscopy Design 

Cairn Lite Microscope | Custom Microscopy

Lite Microscope

A researcher wanted to add photoactivation and two camera detection to a microscope system with differential magnification between the cameras and with a specialist extra long working distance objective. To make the system compact, optically efficient and to avoid vignetting we worked with the integrator to supply a large format TwinCam in primary image space. By communicating closely with the system integrator we were able to produce a cost effective and timely solution using a combination of existing modular components and lens designs with several custom designed pieces.



Custom Microscopy Design

Hybrid invert and upright Olympus microscope

Not sure if you want an upright or an inverted microscope? We have just built a simultaneous upright and inverted microscope in partnership with Photometrics and Olympus.


The following products are one off, special designs. If these products are of interest to you, please talk to our product design team

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