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February 2018

Image Splitting – The Next Generation

By | Presidents Log

CAIRN’S CONTINUING MISSION: TO BOLDLY SPLIT IMAGES THAT NOONE HAS SPLIT BEFORE! On second thoughts, perhaps we should leave the splitting of infinitives to intrepid starship captains, but when it comes to the splitting of images, your first thoughts should…

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Plus ca change….

By | Cairn News | No Comments

C’est plus la meme chose! So yes, we’ve been changing a few things around at Cairn, but that doesn’t mean that things will look very different to you. Rather, it is a natural progression that has happened once before already,…

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Cairnland Goes Forth!

By | Cairnland | No Comments

Well, after three previous episodes, we thought we’d exhausted all the possibilities for our “Cairnland” spoof, but as reality continues to trump satire, here we are again in a vain effort to catch up! For those of you who had…

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