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Thu 15th 11 12

Optosplit LS

Fri 26th 08 11

OptoFlash fibre update

Tue 1st 03 11

Gain & filter unit

Application Notes

LED data

Below are the Wavelength Curves and related data for our range of LEDs. These can be used with either of our LED illumination Devices, the OptoLED and the OptoLED Lite. For the LED curves click the wavelength and for the...

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Ratiometric calcium imaging with LEDs

 Ratiometric fluorescence microscopy methods allow researchers to obtain calibrated images of dynamic changes in the physical properties of cells and tissues independent of dye concentration. The wavelength changes required...

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Setting up MicroManager with QClick and OptoByte

 (1) Install MicroManager from install executable.   (2) Plug in...

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