Vascular & Smooth Muscle Meeting,Surgeons’ Hall, Edinburgh, UK

Vascular & Smooth Muscle Physiology

6/12 - 8/12

Cairn are again pleased to support the Physiological Society and exhibit at the vascular and smooth muscle meeting at the impressive Surgeons' hall venue in Edinburgh.

Including a focused symposium: Nanojunctions and calcium signalling in smooth muscle cells: from contraction and migration to gene expression

This Meeting will naturally bring together scientists working on smooth muscle in a variety of research fields. It will represent the broadest church in terms of a consideration of regulation, not only of processes that underpin calcium signals, but also of the wide variety of cellular functions that signal control, from contraction, energy supply and migration to gene expression. Therefore, this Themed Meeting will stimulate much discussion across research boundaries and facilitate collaborative ventures between research groups in the UK and abroad.